11-13.11.2021. // Split, Croatia

3RD CROATIAN CONGRESS ON PSYCHOTRAUMA with international participation: "Mental Health During and After COVID-19 Pandemic"

Dear Colleagues,

It is a special honor and pleasure to invite you to the 3rd Croatian Congress on Psychotrauma with international participation entitled "Mental health during and after the COVID-19 pandemic".

When prof. Gržeta Rončević welcomed us in the wonderful Kvarner ambience, we have agreed to meet in Split in two years. Discussing the topic of our future congress, we could not have imagined that we would face unprecedented events that would change the entire world.

Mental health care is an important task for every community, and due to the complexity of the factors that a'ect mental health, it is a great challenge for society, regardless of the level of development, cultural characteristics and social circumstances. This challenge has surpassed everything we have known so far in the last year, confronted us with the new and unknown, encouraged us to adapt, learn and explore, made us re-examine our current knowledge of mental health. At the same time, it brought together experts from various specialties in search of solutions to both physical health threats, current and future mental health threats. Facing COVID 19 virus, social isolation, con&nement in homes, inability to meet colleagues and friends, disruption of daily life structure, job loss, &nancial insecurity and material problems, increase in domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse are old, new problems we face at the time of the pandemic.

The goal of this congress is to exchange knowledge and experience of experts of various pro&les on the impact of the pandemic on mental health, as well as to explore the long-term consequences of this stressful and traumatic experience on the lives of all of us. Therefore, we invite you to contribute to the success of the 3rd Croatian Congress on Psychotrauma with your presence and active participation. We look forward to working together and socializing in our and yours, ancient and modern, unique Split, in November 2021.

President of the Organizing Committee
Vice President of the Croatian Psychiatric Association
President of the Institute for Group Analysis
Prof. Dolores Britvic, MD PhD


Croatian Psychiatrics Association, Croatian Medical Association
Croatian Association of Psychiatric Clinics, Croatian Medical Association
Croatian Society for Psychotherapy, Psychosocial Methods and Early Intervention in Psychotic Disorders, Croatian Medical Association
Split Regional Centre for Psychological Trauma
Faculty of Medicine, University of Split
Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences of Croatia – Department of Split
Institute of Group Analysis Croatia
Military psychiatry WPA section


Prof. dr. sc. Dolores Britvić
Prof. dr. sc. Tanja Frančišković
Prof. dr. sc. Vesna Antičević
Doc.dr.sc. Varja Đogaš
Prof. dr. sc. Ivan Urlić
Doc. dr. sc. Jasna Grković
Prof. dr. sc. Ika Gržeta Rončević
Prof.dr. sc. Dejan Ajduković
Prof.dr. sc. Nataša Jokić Begić
Prof. dr. sc. Lana Mužinić
Doc. dr. sc. Glavina Trpimir
Doc. dr. sc. Davor Lasić
Doc. dr. sc. Tomislav Franić
Prim. Dr. sc. Sanja Biočina
Prof. dr. sc. Slađana Ivezić
Prof. dr. Alma Mihaljević Peleš
Doc. dr. sc. Špiro Janović
Prim. dr. sc. Slobodanka Cvitanušić
Doc.dr.sc. Boran Uglešić
Doc.dr.sc. Marina Letica Crepulja
Doc. dr.sc. Branka Restek-Petrović
Prim.dr.sc. Majda Grah
Doc.dr.sc. Vedran Bilić
Prof.dr.sc. Ante Bagarić
Dr.sc. Iva Nemčić Moro


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1. Psychological and Psychiatric Consequences of the Pandemic

2. Mental Disorders as a Consequence of COVID-19

3. Consequences and Impact of the Pandemic on Children and Family

4. The Impact of the Pandemic on Health Professionals

5. The Impact of the Pandemic on Psychiatric Care

6. Pandemic and Addictions

7. The Impact of the Pandemic on Veterans and Their Families

8. Providing Psychiatric and Psychological Support During the Pandemic

Registration and Accommodation

Registration is required for all participants.

Standard: 1.890,00 kn/ 260,00 €
Includes: Access to scientific sessions and exhibiton area, registration badge and congress materials, certificate of attendance, lunch and coffee breaks as per programme, HLK credits.

Students: 300,00 kn/ 42,00 €
Includes: Access to scientific sessions and exhibiton area, registration badge and congress materials, certificate of attendance.


Hotel Radisson Blu / Put Trstenika 19, HR-21000 Split (LINK)

Single room: 2.625,00 / 360,00 €
Double room: 3.900,00 kn / 535,00 €

The accomodation fee refers to period 11.-14.11.2021 (3 nights), half board service. Tourist tax included.

For futher questions regarding the accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact: natasa@ati.hr

To book your accommodation, please use the Form below.

All payments must be made in Euro V(€) or Croatian Kuna (kn) to A.T.I., the official PCO of 3rd Croatian Congress on Psychotrauma. Upon filling out the registration and accommodation form, you will receive a proforma invoice with the payment instructions via e-mail. Registration and accommodation will be considered eligible only upon the receipt of your payment.

Abstract and Poster Submission

The title must be brief and in CAPITALS.
New line: Family name of the authors followed by initial(s), Underline the name of the presenting author.
New line: The institution, city and country.
Leave one blank line before the main text.
Body of the text, describing purpose, materials and methods, results and conclusions. Do not include references.
Simple tables are acceptable within the box. Photographs are not. Use only standard abbreviations.

The following information should be provided with each abstract:
Primary author’s name, organisation, full contact address and e-mail.
The e-mail will be the address to which a letter of confirmation and all further communication will be sent.
Indicate main topic and three key words important for your abstract.
Maximum abstract lenght: 400 words (excluding title, authors and affiliation).

To submit your abstract or poster, please complete the following form

Abstract and poster submission deadline is 30th September 2021.
The Scientific Committee will decide on the final mode of your paper presentation, depending on the number of abstracts submitted.
For any further information, please contact the technical organization at: natasa@ati.hr

The allocated poster size is 0,70 m wide and 1,0 m high. The posters will be displayed throughout the Congress and suitable fixing materials would be provided by the organizers. During poster session there will be a three-minute oral presentation followed by short discussion in front of each poster.


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